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Ballistic Strength Radio - Kettlebell Sport Podcast

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Jul 6, 2015

On this episode I am pleased to welcome to the show somewhat of a kettlebell mogul in the North American Kettlebell landscape.  Non-European kettlebell enthusiasts such as myself know Steve Cotter as the founder of the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation (IKFF), an organization that promotes the practice of kettlebell training as a means to express its greater focus of integrated mind/body development.  The IKFF is a transcontinental community of unique but unified individuals whose collective distinctiveness resonates through Steve, a man passionate about finding balance in both training and life.
In this episode we ask questions like: Is there confusion in the world of fitness?  Does soccer-mom or desk-jockey dad really need Olympic Weightlifting or gymnastics to be healthy?  Is social-media making “the sport of fitness” out to be more than it is?  Are we inventing new sports just because we lost our edge, or because there’s always someone better?  Has fitness or your own physical prowess become the centre-piece of your existence, and if so why?  And if so, how will you define who you are when you lose your ability to demonstrate this physicality?