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Dec 28, 2015

Kathryn Golbeck competed in the 68kg Women’s Professional Snatch category, finishing with a score of 82 repetitions.  Additionally, Kathryn competed as a veteran in the 40-44 age group, where she snatched the 16kg bell at breakneck speed to secure 211 reps.  
These may sound like great numbers, and certainly they merit admiration, but it was clear from the sidelines that Kathryn’s professional snatch set wasn’t going as planned.  In addition to switching hands early, it appeared that Kathryn’s ability to secure her grip on the kettlebell with each consecutive rep was waning.  At just over 6-minutes of work, Kathryn stopped her set, despite showing relatively no visible signs of fatigue.  
I caught up with Kathryn after her set, and it was clear that she was unhappy with her numbers, but her frustration seemed to stem more from confusion - she remarked a slipperiness of the handle, and repeated that she just didn’t know what happened.  If you’ve followed Kathryn’s progress over the last year, these remarks would come as no surprise.
On Oct. 31, twenty-five days out from Worlds, Kathryn posted the results of her most recent 24kg snatch set up to that point - 111 reps in 8 minutes.  Five days prior to that she posted an impressive video documenting a 150 rep snatch set with the 22kg bell.  More impressive still, perhaps was a video posted Oct. 22, just 4 days earlier, of her cracking 200 reps with the 20kg bell.

Followers of the Okanagan Kettlebell Club FaceBook group would likely agree that Kathryn is one of the most disciplined and dedicated kettlebell sport athletes in North America today.  She’s also one of the most down to Earth and humble competitors Ive interviewed. 

The following was recorded at the 2015 IUKL World Kettlebell Championships in Dublin, Ireland.