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Jul 18, 2018

Who are Kettlebell Kings and when and where did it all start?

Today we have a special episode for you. Jay Perkins of Austin TX is one of the founding members of Kettlebell Kings, the Texas-based kettlebell supplier. Since Kettlebell Kings sold their first KB in 2013, they have earned a reputation for carefully designed and high quality equipment, as well as consistent and meaningful customer engagement.


Kettlebell Kings INSTAGRAM

Kettlebell Kings FACEBOOK




Don’t forget, we have our 2nd Annual Grip Strength Kettlebell Competition coming up on Sept. 15 at the Coast Bastion Inn in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. Registration is on right now and open to al lifters. Sign up before Aug. 6 and you get your additional events free of charge - that’s $75 CDN plus GST for 1 or more events. Register within the Early Bird period and you also have the option of getting your event T-shirt for only $5 CDN, plus GST. I am also hosting a post comp BBQ at my residence in Nanaimo - tickets for that are $20. This year we are also modifying Snatch only to make it more interesting and potentially more competitive - perhaps we can get some people trying a bell weight heavier than they are used to, and give them that nudge to keep blowing forward with their progress. All of these options are available at