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Ballistic Strength Radio - Kettlebell Sport Podcast

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Feb 15, 2016

Corissa Sivorot.  Her twitter page describes her as a Personal trainer, kettlebell instructor, fitness fanatic, health foodie, and Vancouver island native.  Her page also describes her as a runner, but Corissa confided to me that she has since defected from the running community and now prefers kettlebell sport as her primary means of physical conditioning. 

In less than one month, on Sunday, March 6 at the Island Centre of Excellence hockey & fitness faciity in Colwood, BC, Corissa will be hosting her first In-House Kettlebell Meet of the year.  Events will include 10 & 5 minute derivations of LC, Snatch, Biathlon, and Jerk.  This is a charity event with proceeds going to the Coldstream Food Bank.

You can find out more about Coriss by visiting her website at and by checking out her many videos and kettlebell & workout challenges at her YouTube channel

In this interview we cover a broad range of topics, from how Corissa got into training with kettlebells, when she started competing, how her business materialized, what sorts of challenges coaches face in the internet age, and the importance of setting realistic and maintainable goals.

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