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Ballistic Strength Radio - Kettlebell Sport Podcast

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May 23, 2018

Mike Salazar owns and runs Evolution Fitness in Chicago, Illinois.

Evolution Strength and Conditioning is a training facility that offers personal training, small group fitness classes, and private access memberships.

Mike tells us about:

  • How he started lifting weight
  • 2004 - Starting work as a personal trainer right out of highschool
    • Working in the corporate gym for 4 years, learning the Ins and Outs of the business while attending college for Sports Management
  • 2007 - Leaving the corporate gym and renting his own space to train people
  • 2009 - Writing his business plan and opening his own 1500 sq.ft studio without investors
    • Providing a venue for independent trainers to run their own operations under the Evolution banner
  • 2013 - Expanding from the 1500 sq.ft space to 6000 sq.ft
    • the power of word of mouth and client relationships
  • You can't franchise intangibles
  • How his trainers fit into the Evolution business model
    • Don't undervalue yourself
    • The work we do outside the client session
  • What Evolution Fitness offers
  • A gym should run like a well-oiled machine, but should be flexible enough to be unique
    • trainer communication and program proposal
    • Interviewing new trainers: Mike's #1 question
    • Trainer buy-in to the Evolution brand
    • Personality deficiencies that trainers need to be willing to work on
    • When to turn trainers away
  • Clients will trust just about anything you say - A Question of Ethics
  • The Windy City Kettlebell Club and the Windy City Invitational
  • Shooting the Optimum Nutrition commercial
    • gaining legitimacy in Chicago
  • The Chicago Kettlebell Classic
  • The Chicago Longcycle Championship
  • How he added kettlebells to his bodybuilding conditioning
  • The benefits and empowerment that kettlebells can offer
  • Kettlebell Sport athletes are a special kind of crazy
  • Who does the kettlebell programming at Evolution Fitness?
  • How Mike is balancing his strength training with his kettlebell training
  • When Mike had to back off the kettlebells
    • Specializing in one lift
  • Will Mike return to competing in bodybuilding, or be forever on "the bulk"?
  • Kettlebell Sport is for any bodytype.....unless your jacked?
  • Becoming an internship site for the Loyola College Exercise Science program


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